Wednesday, October 24, 2018

If you’re into cars, no doubt you’ve seem the name of Lord Aleem from time to time. Many would still call him a kid – a troubled one since he never finished school and actually got expelled from the two he tried out. But this wasn’t a problem for Lord Aleem. His successful father shared his business Platinum Executive Travel with him. It’s a business that quickly grew up to become one of the more prestigious car hire business in the UK. Every car is more exotic and luxurious than the other. He certainly was lucky to have a father sharing a business like that with his only son. Thanks to this, Lord Aleem gained enough to gather quite some publicity. This didn’t come with the inevitable amount of jealousy from his peers, and giving yourself the title Lord also isn’t something many people find in good taste.

This easily led to a lot of people wanting to see Lord Aleem fall flat on his face and fail. After all, most people have to achieve and do something in order to be called a lord, but Lord Aleem simply took the title. In the UK, becoming a lord requires you to either do something amazing, or simply use cash or cheating.

The other problem Lord Aleem faces, is his tendency to be rather public. This quickly draws the attention of the media, and in return, the media plays a part where it, to some degree, can control Lord Aleem. They watch him, follow him, and wait for him to make that one big mistake that many people are waiting for. For instance, they immediately jumped to the opportunity to write about it when one of Lord Aleem’s cars was vandalised while he attended a wedding.

The passenger of the car was not injured, but the car worth 240,000 pounds was destroyed. Even to someone his wealth, that was horrible.

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