Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Not everyone is very fond of Dan Bilzerian, the rich kid who reached star level on youtube, vlogging about his life revolving around the many expensive cars he has. After a whole range of flashy cars, Dan Bilzerian added a Lambo Aventador SV Roadstar to his arsenal. However, Dan Bilzerian got a little too excited during his test drive and was pulled over for a routine check. This made Dan Bilzerian clearly very angry for having the feeling that his time was being wasted, and he felt that they picked him only to harass him with a pointless check up.

Although the police officers tried to maintain a professional level throughout the four minutes, it was difficult to sustain as Dan Bilzerian got increasingly angry. At one point he stated that his shoes are worth more than the salary of the police officers. This could be called a slip up since Dan Bilzerian describes himself as a humble and modest person who isn’t out to show off and brag about what he has. In this spur of emotion however, he couldn’t help himself but make this comment and momentarily became the complete stereotype of a rich kid who grows up having too many cars given to him.

His agent later stated that Dan Bilzerian regrets that his followers had to see him this way, and apologises for the behaviour he has displayed. This was probably a wise and more mature thing to do, since the video of his tantrum was quivkly shared over the internet. The opinions about the situation differed. Some of his followers felt that Dan Bilzerian was way out of line, while others agreed that the police officers probably did pick him only out of spite. Nonetheless, it shows that in the end we’re all human and have our own individual levels of tolerance.

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